Sunday, December 28, 2008

What is Intended?

There is an underlying key to success in transforming that is often missed by even some of the world's greatest experts in health. That would be the power of intention in everything you do. This simple, overlooked concept, really strengthens my conviction in the fact that the physical aspects of health directly impact the spiritual aspects of your life and vice versa.

Let's start with exercise. Firstly your motive for exercising. Are you doing it because you want to and you love the way it makes you feel or are you doing it because you feel like you must do it. IF you are not doing it for the pleasure of it not only will you likely not stick with it you won't experience the full benefit of it. Just the feeling of joy and pleasure alone can be tremendous for your health and weight loss. You have to pick an activity or program that you enjoy to reap the full benefits of it.

Let's go to nutrition. Why does home grown produce taste so much better than commercially grown produce? Because of all the love, care, effort and intention that was put into producing that food. Why do home cooked meals always taste better than restaurant meals? Because of the love, effort and intention that went into it. If you are going to stick to healthy eating it is best to find healthy foods that you love to consume. This will not only help you to stick to the program but it will help you reap the full nutritional benefit of what you are consuming. You could be eating the healthiest food in the world but if you are eating it out of fear of disease or guilt you will still feel sick and tired. Similarly even if you eat less than optimally but you enjoy the food to it's fullest you will feel awesome. Now this isn't a licence to eat less that your best but merely to eat with intentionality and to prepare food with love so that it serves you well. To quote David Wolfe: "You are what you eat." has a far deeper meaning than any of us can ever imagine. As it is not just the act of eating the right foods but eating them for the reasons in the right way.

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