Sunday, December 28, 2008

The Ultimate in Time Management

Time management is such a hot topic these days. Everyone looking for a way to find just a few more minutes each day.

What I find amusing as a health and fitness expert is that even though 'lack of time' is one of the primary excuses for not taking care of ones health; neglecting your health is a sure way to lose all your extra time.

What many people fail to think about is that looking after your health is an investment. It may be a bit pain staking in the initial stages an yes it may even cost you more time but it can and will save you literally years of time in the long run. You will have to spend extra time initially buying products and resources to help you, you will have to likely reschedule some items in your day. You may even have to get up earlier or go to bed later. But after a short while everything will become a habit. And that's where the power is because then you are no longer thinking or using extra energy but you are automatically doing the right things everyday.

So where does the extra time come in? Firstly, as you become healthier you will likely need to sleep less because your body will be more efficient at producing energy and your quality of sleep will be much better. I would say the average person can almost instantly gain an extra 4-6hrs per week from sleeping less and not feel any worse for it.

The next area would be food prep. Again truly healthy fresh meals actually take hardly anytime to prepare and once you get into a routine of knowing exactly what your body needs at what times you can save time in the kitchen.

Next as a result of eating right, exercising and supplementing your mind will be more sharp and focused. You will be more attentive and productive. You will get more work done in less time whether it be physical or administrative labor.

Then we have reduced time wasted on useless activities. Believe it or not becoming healthier actually makes you more conscious of your time soon the TV and other useless time wasters become less important and you begin to focus on things that matter.

I think most people see the biggest pay off here: reduced illness and injury. Lets say the average person gets sick in some way shape or form 2-3 times a year and each bout of illness lasts 4-7 days. That's 2-3 weks that you are almost useless each year. Imagine regaining that time. And injuris become less frequent and you will heal faster when health is a priority.

Finally we have the actual life extension portion of the equation. While no one can predict his or her longevity with any sort of accuracy we all know that payin attention to your health can add 1-30yrs on to your life. And that is thinking conservatively. I am a part of a group of people who are willing to believe that with the right protocal living to be 130-150yrs old should be quite easy. And whats more you won't spend those extra years lying in a hospital bed with a chronic or terminal condition rather you will enjoy every last day of your life.

So bite the bullet and invest in your health because you have everything to gain.

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