Monday, December 1, 2008

The 3 Most important Factors for Health

Far too many people focus on the small things in health. Not realizing that they could save ample time and energy by choosing to focus on 3 key areas. Furthermore focusing on these 3 areas will give you much more happiness. Health will no longer become a drudgery but pure pleasure.

The 3 Most important factors for health are: Food, Relationships, and Communication. Perhaps this is why family dinners and eating with friends feels so good?!

The universe is purely based on communication. God 'spoke' the universe into existence. Yet if you look at the universe from purely scientific or mathematical terms you miss the boat with your health. Everything becomes a numbers game. Rather than the holistic view of learning to communicate with your body and listen for intuitive signs of what feels right for your health and wrong for your health.

Think about how much better you feel when you are in a relationship with someone amazing. Think about how bad you feel when your relationship is not going well or if you are with a bad person. Relationships always produce emotion in us. Emotions are more powerful than anything as far as controlling our biochemistry and subsequently our health. If you feel supported and loved you will do better in life period. This is why people in isolation deteriorate quickly. From my previous posts on acid/alkaline balance you will remember that negative emotions produce a far greater acid load on the body than even the worst foods. Whereas positive emotions produce some of the best alkalizing agents ever. Hence, laughter truly is the best medicine.

Focus on what you eat, focus on how you speak, focus on who you spend time with and how they make you feel. If you can optimize these things you will feel incredible everyday.

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