Wednesday, July 2, 2008

It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To!

Stop the f@#$%n pitty party fatty!

I used to be a fatty, and I know what it feels like .But I also know what it feels like to conquer it. And I know that if I can do it anyone can. Just like most of you the chips seemed to be stacked against me. Small town, virtually no decent fitness facilities. Overweight family with poor lifestyle habits, siblings included, no decent internet info at that time, busy as heck, appeared to have geneticdisorder that made me gain weight, no one to teach me, lack of supplements/healthy food, no money, etc. Name any other excuse you hear people use and I had it. But finally something snapped. After being harassed by peers at school a bit too much I made a promise to myself that I would be better than them all in a few short years. Sure enough for years later they were eating my dust in almost every athletic event and I was leading them on the wresting mat.

It started with jogging/walking 1km. Then it built up to jogging 5km over time and soon enough 10km, 2-3x per week. Simultaneously, I was doing 50 crunches per day which gradually built up to well over 500 reps of various ab exercises each night. While I hadn't made any drastic dietar changes I was at least eating less junk.

On Thanksgiving weekend we went to my Grandpa's farm upon which I found an old vinyl weight set my uncle used to use. Maybe 100lbs tops. I asked him if I could take it home and he agreed. Now almost any monkey instinctively knows how to do curls, military presses, and bench press. But I knew this wasn't enough to cause changes in my body. So I went to our crappy small town library to find out whatever I could on fitness. A copy of Beyond Built by Bob Paris and a tattered copy of High Intensity Strength Training by Dr. Ellignton Darden would be my personal guides for the next 3 yrs. I practically memorized every page of those books using whatever I could do gain another pound of muscle or drop another pound of fat.

Year by year I was exposed to more and more fitness info via the web, magazines,books, and old time trainers in whatever gym I stumbled into. Long story short I didn't find the knowledge I truly wanted until I could understand and accept what was being taught to me. As the old Chinese proverb goes 'when the student is readyt the teacher will appear.'

Contrast my story with the quote below held by most of North America's obese population:

"They feel they are regarded as lazy, self-indulgent, and blamed for the fact they are overweight, despite the fact they may have to struggle to overcome it,"

Well guess what fatty? You will have to struggle to overcome it. Nothing worth having in life is easy including your ideal body. You will have to struggle because obesity is a mental illness. You will have to build yourself up psychologically even more than you will physically.

And yes you are lazy and self indulgent because anyone who actually tries anything usually meets with some success. Millions of people have successfully lost weight and kept it off, so I think that those who aren't yet slim are either making excuses or barking up the wrong tree.

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