Saturday, March 22, 2008

Man does not live by bread alone...Part 1

The second me or another health coach like myself advocates avoiding grains or in particular breads for quick, easy fat loss we are instantly labelled as an 'Atkins lover' or a 'carbophobe'. Much like an old fashioned witch hunt, if you are anti grain you are automatically an anti- carb, narrowminded, fad diet fanatic.

I must say right off the bat I am not anti-carb I simply advocate the proper kinds of carbohydrates. Vegetables and fruits instead of grains that a) are overconsumed b) over processed and c) over-rated.

There are 3 primary reasons why I strongly advise people with excess bodyfat to avoid grains; they are physiological, historical/anthropological, and economic.

The physiological reasons are as follows. It is no mystery that carbohydrate consumption makes the body retain water to a certain extent. This is why diets and especially low-carb diets have such a rapid initial weight-loss because the avoidance of carbs, particularly grains, creates a huge dump of water weight. It is said that one gram of carbs (grains) leads to a gain of 3 grams of water weight. This is why you can follow a diet plan flawlessly for a month, have 1 pizza feast and almost instantly gain 10lbs. So to avoid this bloatedness and yo-yo weight gain, just avoid grains and simple carbs.

One primary cause of failure in dieters is cravings, the problem with grains is that they often trigger if not perpetuate cravings. Grains no matter if they are whole grains or 100% whole wheat still break down into sugars. The point is your diet needs to eliminate sugars in any form, for at least a few weeks or otherwise your cravings for junk food will keep resurfacing. This is mostly due to candida bacteria in the intestinal tract. It is safe to say that 95% of the general population has an overproduction of candida in their body. This is what perpetuates cravings and makes the body toxic which makes it very difficult to lose weight. It is natural for Candida to be in the body but only in proportion to beneficial bacteria that is already there. Candida feeds mostly off of sugars found in foods. Therefore the constant consumption of grains when trying to drop weight is counterproductive as these grains break down into sugars causing a feeding frenzy for candida bacteria only making them stronger and making your life more difficult. But if you starve the candida by cutting out grains and simple sugars the bacterial balance is normalized, cravings disappear, toxins disappear and fat disappears.

Not only does the breakdown of sugars in your body pose a risk to your digestive health it can slowly damage the rest of your body as well through a process known as glycation (literally a burning proces) which is responsible for the Maillard effect or a browning or aging of the inside of the body. Reducing grains especially simple or over-processed grains and sugars in your diet will dramatically limt this process helping you to age slower.

Ask yourself this question, what good is a fat loss diet if it does not hel pme burn fat? Yet another reason to avoid grain consumption is simply for the fact that by consuming grains especially in an attempt to burn fat is either slowly the process down dramatically or bringing it to a grinding halt. This all stems from the way your body will get it's primary source of energy. When you depend on grains and sugars for energy your body will continue to use grains as your energy source leaving your fat stores completely intact. But when you switch to alternative energy sources it then will begin to catabolize your fat stores as its primary fuel source. This is because to brings back to a famine like state where energy in the form of glucose isn't readily available anymore so it begind to go after the next most plentiful source of energy. The only downside is that fat is a more complex molecule so it does take longer to break down for energy. This is why many people feel sluggish on their first few days of a no grains eating plan. But a few day later when the fat burning process has become more efficient their energy levels soar again. Likewise when you switch back to grains you will likely feel sluggish again. this happens because your body will suddenly realize that grains are not an optimal fuel source and it will also have to go through the process of switching how it produces energy again. Going from fat burning back to carbohydrate and sugar metabolism.

Lastly, a metabolic by-product of grains is phytic acid. This is quite harmful to the alkaline balance of the body which is necessary for maintaining optimal health. A lowered pH compromises your immune system, breaks down healthy tissue, and slows down cellular metabolism. Not of these are beneficial for anyone trying to drop excesss weight or gain energy.

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