Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What's your motivation!?!

Show me anyone who hasn't achieved any of their goals and I'll show you someone who either didn't have the proper motivation or enough motivation. The first factor in goal achievement is 'do you want it bad enough?' You should be sacrificing some very key things to get what you want. Are you hungry for your goal? How badly crushed or disappointed in yourself will you be if you don't achieve it? what kind of punishment have you laid out for yourself? What kind of reward? Do you have a burning desire? Does it consume your thoughts and actions?

Now here's the second key; What is your motivation? What is your reason for doing what you are doing? Is it a reason someone else imposed on you? 'Cause if it is I can tell you it probably won't be enough to keep you going.

The doctors telling you to lose weight won't be enough.
The spouse nagging you won't be enough.
The clothes that don't fit won't be enough.
The fat jokes from friends and family won't be enough.
Looking good in a swimsuit or dress won't be enough.

These are just some of the surface level reasons people use to motivate their efforts to get healthy and fit. they may sound good but they do not stir the core of your being. That's right you need to find a reason that is so emotionally stirring that you are either moved to tears, burning with rage, or makes you feel sick to your stomach. When you have an emotional reaon that produces one of those 3 physical responses then you will have the motivation to realize whatever goal you may have physical or not.

I am often bothered by people who say that they can't do this or that yet when given the proper motivation, say a life or death situation, they do that very thing without hesitation. Say a mother says 'I could never pick up that 100lb weight' or 'I could never walk 5 miles' Yet If her child who just happen to weigh 100lbs was deathly ill and the hospital was 5 miles away she would do both in record time just to save her child. All this because her love for her child and her fear of losing that child created enough motivation to do what she previously thought was impossible.

So now I ask you to find your motivation. Make sure it becomes part of you. Grips you. Then work, without stopping, until the dream is a reality.

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