Wednesday, February 6, 2008

What's your motivation!?! Part 2

Here is a second little tid bit I find helpful for myself and others when working towards any goal but specifically a physique goal. Find a picture of a celebrity, athlete, or fitness model that you feel most closely resembles you ideal body. Cut out several pics of this person if possible. Then post it in a prominate place such as your fridge, bathroom mirror, or car steering wheel. Look at it often. Analyze each and every detail of that person's body. Imagine yourself looking like that. Imagine the energy and vitality you will have. Imagine the compliments and admiring gazes of others. Sure enough week after week, month after month you will find yourself looking more like that person.

Here's where it becomes a great tool. When you find yourself tempted to give up think of what that person would do. Would _______ skip his/her workout? Would______ eat this donut, etc.? you'll find it keeps you motivated when you know very well that the person possessing your ideal physique didn't just quite when they wanted to.

You'll find works good for other areas of your life, spiritual, financial/ career,etc. If you are really lucky you will find an exceptional person who matches your goals in all areas. While it is cliche by now, Stephen Covey couldn't have been more right when he said- 'Begin with the end in mind.'

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