Saturday, February 23, 2008

I'm Healthy But...

There seems to be a common answer when I ask people if they consider themselves to be healthy or not. The common reply is ; 'I 'm healthy but..' and then they begin to list one or more chronic conditions. I am healthy but I have arthritis in my knees. I am healthy but I have frequent migraine headaches. I am healthy but I have digestion problems. Well folks, if you have to use the word 'but' to justify your health then you ain't healthy! According to Dr. Michael Triglia health is the 100% function of all the body's tissue, organs, and cells, all the time. So if you are exhibiting a chronic condition big or small can you really consider yourself healthy at all. Guess what, your body is one big interconnected machine. If one part breaks down even temporarily it puts more stress and strain on the rest of the body making it weaker and more susceptable to other conditions.

Once you achieve this level of of health where you truly don't have any conditions on it, it is a beautifl thing. You feel free and powerful; you feel like you can do anything!

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