Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Food for Thought #2

"Ah, we're all gonna die anyway!!! Why should I bother with all that health crap!"

This is the often used statement by the lazy college student, the middle aged professional who suddenly realizes their best years have passed them by, and the rapidly aging senior who has long since given up on life. And every other negative, small minded person you may run into. Heck, you may remember yourself saying this to help cover up any guilt from failed attempts at living healthier.

So why should we bother to live healthier? Good question. While I cannot speak for every other health professional out there I will give you some of my strongest reasons that keep me motivated to live cleanly.

1) Because no one can guarantee the length of their life I figure it is best to pack in as much experience and adventure as one can into the shortest time possible. And this takes energy, LOTS of energy! I don't want to be draggin' my butt around day in day out, missing half of all there is to do and see out there because I'm too tired, lazt or sick to try.It's about being fully awake and alert to enjoy every waking second. Everything is better when your mind and body are in peak performance mode.

2) Let's say I actually do end up living a full life or past a full life time. Let's say i break the record's for human longevity in this millenium and hit 150yrs or more. (This is something I often thought I may be capable of achieving Lord willing.) But even at the national average of 75, I would like to know I have given life my best. You only have one body and do not want to spend the first half of my life abusing it only to live with the consequences of my actions for the next half of it. I would like to be one of those seniors who is still sharp as a tack, can run, lift, and jump at the drop of a hat and much more.

3) Lastly, in accordance with the Christian principle of stewardship God gave us our bodies to take care of, so we best make good on that. Living cleanly, allows you to give your best to and for God day in and day out. Knowing that I want to give my best to God is a very strong motivator for me to be in peak condition 24/7/365.

Remember it's not just quantity of life... quality means so much more. 30 amzing years would mena so much more than 100 slothful ones. You choose for yourself but I prefer quality!

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