Thursday, September 20, 2007

In Case You Haven't Heard...

This whole HPV vaccination has flooded Canadian news for about 6 months now. It seems there are about 3 camps on this one. The 'I'll shoot myself up with anything the government says is good for me group' , the 'I won't put anything in me God didn't make-health nut group', and the 'how dare you assert my little Sally may become sexually active in the next 3-5 yrs-moral outrage group.'

Firstly regardless of any sexual implications made by the acceptance of this vaccine do we really need to add one more complexity to a child's life. I mean let's face it, humanity had survuved for thousands of years without this sort of thing,why start now. Afterall the best way to learn is through experience; but all this protecting children 'ad-nauseum' stuff is annoying. We all learned fine and got along fine without bike-helmets, ridalin and 'safe playgrounds'. So why can't our kids learn the same way we did. I'm all for improving things and preventative education but I believe the lack of 'live and let live' experiences of our children accounts for much of the social immaturity and lack of street smarts of kids today. If you look at much of the daily living knowledge you or your parents possessed it was likely a result of making mistakes.

My anti-vaccine stance will likely be part of another blog but in the mean time I ask the question, do we really need another vaccine to screw up our young girls immune systems and hormones? 'The Pill's' long lasting ill effects are bad enough let alone a new under tested vaccine that will cause untold of reproductive harm.

This whole thing is a another story of killing several people to 'possibly' (and I use that term with great caution) save a few hundred people. The experts are saying that the HPV vaccine in the long run will only save 17% of persons infected with HPV from developing cervical cancer. Meanwhile many, many people who are allergic to ingredients in this vaccine will likely die or be damaged for life. All because of a 17% chance of saving others? Not a worthy gamble in my mind. If anything those persons infected with HPVshould be left to reap the consequences of their promiscuous lifestyle.

Above all the creators of the vaccine are over looking one huge point. Persons infected with HPV developing cervical cancer is only a miniscule portion of the cancer equation. There are several hundred other factors I would work on limiting before I even looked at this path, diet being first and foremost!

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