Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Laying the Ground Rules

So here we go, about 2 weeks after I first created this blog my life has finally calmed down enough for me to put some quality content in. I thought it might be good to start by laying some ground rules. This will help you decide if reading this blog will even be beneficial for you in the long run. It will also help me make sure I am sticking to what I intended this blog to be- a life transforming tool- rather than just become a generic ranting board.

1) If you are looking to improve your life in any way shape or form this blog is for you. Although I will be spending 90% of my time discussing health I will occasionaly delve into finances, relationships, human behaviour, psychology, spirituality, politics, etc. Like the header says this is about developing your total self and celebrating the fact that we are complete, multi-dimensional human beings. Health just happens to be my forte. But I am also a huge fan of parallel wisdom (the concept that a truism in one aspect of life also applies to other aspects of life.) and so almost every piece of health wisdom I throw up on this blog probably can be extrapolated to other areas of your life.

2) Some of you may find this blog offensive at times and that is okay. It was once said if you are offended you probably need to be. In other words either you are doing something wrong and need to be corrected or you have a narro world view and need to open up. Don't take yourself so seriously. Open up and live life through someone else's eyes from time to time.

3) This blog will be written in a very stream of consciuosness type format. Please forgive any grammatical or spelling mistakes as I am not going for perfection, I'm just trying to put my thoughts down on computer... for once.

4) You will find on this blog simple daily practices that you can implement immediately to start improving your well being. Thes will range from exercises, to recipes, to supplements and products to other health professionals and experts you should pay attention to, to health myths and falsehoods that are very damaging.

5) I have been trying for some time now to write a book, but frequently find it difficult to sit down and write. I'm hoping this will make it more fun and easy to do, thus I may be able to compile all this crap into a book some day.

6) I definitely don't know it all. I will probably frequently make mistakes on this blog, and if I realize I have made one I will fix it asap. All my knowledge is learned from people who have reached levels of health and vitality I can only dream of. Everyday my body is a walking experiment for at least one new health protocol I have recently read about. I don't care if there is 100 studies or testimonies about something, I will test for myself. If I get a positive result i will recommend it to everyone I know. If I get a negative result I will make sure everyone knows not to waste there time or money. I know we are all different and respond differently but there is something to be said for standing on the shoulders of giants. While I am not at the exact place I want to be I can tell you I am better than 99% of the population health wise and it will be well worth your time to listen to some of what I have to say. I have produced marvelous results in myself and others through some very unlikely avenues. Try me and see if you don't prove me right.

7) To go with the above I have not seen a physician (other than for annoying medicals that I had to get for various specialty licences-all of which came out perfect) in over 7 yrs. I have not had a cold or flu or any other virus, infection, or malady that you can name for over 8 yrs. I have successfully lost significant amounts of fat without screwing up my metabolism. Something that you won't get following mainstream crap. I have continually improved my fitness levels for the past 10 yrs. I have developed a reasonably high level of relative strength. I am a very well rounded person in all components of physical fitness. I have also been injury free for almost 6yrs and have never had surgery or any chronic joint problems. Which is more than what I can say for most of my peers young and old. I am not saying any of this to brag but simply to say that I must know what I am doing to some degree. So unless your health history is equal or superior to mine I don't want to hear any naysaying. While I must admit I am blessed to some extent I have worked extremely hard to get where I am today. I haven't been given any of this for free.

8) Things can and will change on an ongoing basis.

I hope you enjoy this blog feel free to email me @ if you have questions or comments about this blog. Or if you have any issues you'd like me to address.

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